Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Most Success I've Had Making Money Online

The most money I have made online by far is through freelance writing. Yes, it is more time consuming and takes a lot more brainpower than most other online opportunities, but if you stick with it, are a fast typist and have the motivation to make yourself write articles you can definitely show success in this.
I have only been doing this for an hour or two a day for the last week and a half an have already made close to $200. The higher level of writing you have, and if you have an extended education in writing you can make a lot more money then the average Joe....or Jane in my case. But there are sites for those of us who stopped our English education at our HS Diploma.
The best and easiest site I have found is
If you have a higher education or experience with writing you can make much more money a site like

I tried eLance and didn't have much success due to the fact that I am new to the writing industry, but for someone who does there is a LOT of money to be made on there, and it is legitimate. I have been using Text Broker and it is my new favorite pastime. I love that I can pick the articles I write and decide how much or how little I want to make everyday.

If you don't like to write you won't like this, and don't even try copy and pasting other articles, because they will catch you. I somehow ended up have a sentence similar to that in another article that I had never even seen before and they sent my article back and told me to change it, and that was accidental, so don't try to play these guys, they aren't stupid.

Good luck lovaaahs!

Making Money with ChaCha!

Alright, well if you want to actually see the fruits of your labor I found something for you. ChaCha! is a good option for those of us who are already at the computer a lot, surfing the net and wasting our lives away...haha

Well basically, what it is : You know those services you can text your random questions to and they respond within a few minutes with your answer? You will be the person answering those questions. You can make anywhere from 10cents to 20cents per answer, and if you are a fast typist that has chosen a lot of categories for yourself this could really add up. You can set up text alerts to your phone when they are receiving a high volume of questions so you only go online at the peak times. 
All you have to do is take their quick course (it takes about an hour) then pass a really pretty common sense test, then wait for them to approve you and they will explain to you exactly how to do it. There are message boards and constantly people and places to answer any questions you may have along the way.

If you are bored in front of the computer a lot and want to make some extra money I would definitely recommend ChaCha!

All you need to do is go to
and enter as the referral e-mail address, that way we can make money off of each other and be on the same team... give it a try fo-sho!

Making Money Taking Surveys

This is a very tricky subject, and I refuse to tiptoe around it.
I have followed the advise of many other making money online websites and signed up for a plethora of survey sites, because according to them, that is the only way to expect to make any earnings with paid surveys. I have been signed up for 10 different survey sites and taken surveys daily, for about 3 months now, and still not seen a single penny. Most websites have a $30-$50 earning minimum before you are able to cash out, and at this rate it seems I wont see any of this money for another 6 months.
Now, I am not trying to dog on these other money making online sites, because most of them have specified that taking surveys will give you a little extra each month, never enough to support yourself in anyway, and more of a little addition to the bigger picture. my eyes....time is money and I'm not willing to waste either on these annoying surveys.

Case and point: Survey sites, I'm over you. This is my official breakup. It's not you, it's me.


After countless months trying to find legitimate ways to make money online, I have finally decided to start a blog about it. Here I will share reviews on sites that work, don't work and are just plain scams. I want everyone else to succeed and I know it can be tiresome and very frustrating trying to figure this out.
So, if you are:
-Tired of searching through endless sites for "make money online"
-Tired of signing up for new websites that claim to make you money only to find they do not
-Not willing to buy into some "Get rich quick" scam
-Motivated enough to make yourself put the hours in without having a boss to make you do so

Then I have lot's of honesty, links and advice. So please subscribe and send me your feedback. Feel free to ask about programs/companies you are curious about and I will check them out for you. I am not sponsored by any of these sites and am just doing this in my spare time to save other people time and money.

So here it goes...