Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Most Success I've Had Making Money Online

The most money I have made online by far is through freelance writing. Yes, it is more time consuming and takes a lot more brainpower than most other online opportunities, but if you stick with it, are a fast typist and have the motivation to make yourself write articles you can definitely show success in this.
I have only been doing this for an hour or two a day for the last week and a half an have already made close to $200. The higher level of writing you have, and if you have an extended education in writing you can make a lot more money then the average Joe....or Jane in my case. But there are sites for those of us who stopped our English education at our HS Diploma.
The best and easiest site I have found is
If you have a higher education or experience with writing you can make much more money a site like

I tried eLance and didn't have much success due to the fact that I am new to the writing industry, but for someone who does there is a LOT of money to be made on there, and it is legitimate. I have been using Text Broker and it is my new favorite pastime. I love that I can pick the articles I write and decide how much or how little I want to make everyday.

If you don't like to write you won't like this, and don't even try copy and pasting other articles, because they will catch you. I somehow ended up have a sentence similar to that in another article that I had never even seen before and they sent my article back and told me to change it, and that was accidental, so don't try to play these guys, they aren't stupid.

Good luck lovaaahs!

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